Friday, June 3, 2011

VIII. Appendix—Organizational Overview

See Appendix XIII for bio’s of each member of the organization.
Project Founder/Director: Dr. Tom Neuhaus
• Coordination between cocoa study center and university programs
• Writing of grant proposals for expanding the mission
• President of Project Hope and Fairness: communications & coordination
Communications with Peace Corps (Dr. Richard Kranzdorf)
Construction of Center: Mr. Kila Balon, Dr. Robert Arens
• Negotiations for use of land
• Supervision of construction
• Communication with Director
University Relationships: Dr. Richard Kranzdorf, Dr. Deanna Pucciarelli
• International relations
• International development
Coordination of Research: Dr. Peggy Papathakis
• Publication of a biannual electronic newsletter highlighting student projects.
• Communications with students
Financial Aspects: Ernie Roide
• Documentation of grants and gifts

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