Friday, June 3, 2011

III. Project Deliverables

Deliverables can be defined as follows:
1. Educational Deliverables: every summer, a series of university classes will study aspects of bringing cottage industry to a village. Aspects include:
a. Economic connections between the village and local population centers. A study of the history of attempts at diversification of the local economy.
b. Energy issues
c. Appropriate technologies
d. Nutrition and diet
2. Economic Deliverables:
a. Production of 100 lbs of chocolate per day (3 batches).
i. Wrapped in foil at 1/5 oz each, making 8,000 pieces per day.
ii. Sold wholesale at 2 cents each, generating $160 per day wholesale sales.
iii. To make 65 lbs of chocolate liquor needed, 100 lbs of dried beans are required, costing $50.
iv. Sugar sells at 25 cents per pound, meaning 35 lbs * .25 = $8.75.
v. Assuming employment of twelve people full-time in the facility and that each earns $3 per day, daily labor cost would be $36.
vi. Payment to village and to local chiefs: $5 per day.
b. Total daily profit: $160 - $50 -$8.75 - $36 = $85.25
c. Net sales: sold at 3 cents each, netting sales personnel $80 per day.

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