Friday, June 3, 2011

V. Project Management Approach

Dr. Tom Neuhaus will be visiting Ebolowa, Cameroon this August. Assuming that the funding has been arranged, he will meet with construction personnel and also with Peace Corps representatives to ensure oversight over the preliminary stages of the project.

In October, Dr. Neuhaus will return to Cameroon along with an individual who will take charge of solar panels installation, installation of the chocolate-making machinery, and plumbing. Neuhaus will hire and train 12 chocolate production workers. Mr. Kila Balon together with one Peace Corps volunteer will supervise hiring of sales staff, which will focus on sales in Ebolowa and Yaounde. Chocolate will be distributed in ice chests to businesses most likely to experience successful sales—such as gas station snack stores.

Starting in summer, 2012, Neuhaus will supervise groups of university students coming to the center to live (with host families), to learn how to make chocolate, to participate in sales, and to work in villages on issues listed and described in Appendix XII.

The financial aspects of this project will be handled through Project Hope and Fairness (, which is a 501(c)3.

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